About Kelvin

Kelvin is a flexible program for measuring statistical evidence based on genetic data. It is based on the PPL framework1 and produces output on the posterior probability (0,..,1) scale. Primary outcome statistics include the PPL (posterior probability of linkage (L)), as well as various forms of the PPLD (posterior probability of linkage disequilibrium (LD)). In the context of analysis between a trait locus and a marker, the PPLD models allelic association due to very close genomic proximity. Kelvin handles both dichotomous and quantitative trait data, and can accept as input multigenerational pedigree data, nuclear families, "trios," and case-control data. The program supports parent-of-origin effects, co-variate dependent penetrances (or means), and two-locus epistasis. Kelvin also includes special routines for sequentially updating results in order to accumulate evidence across multiple sets of data.

About Kelviz

Kelviz2 is a graphing application designed to plot and annotate genetic data analysis results for easy review and publication. It is designed for use with Kelvin analysis results, but can make use of any data file that follows roughly the same conventions.

References: 1 Vieland, V.J., et al. Kelvin: a Software Package for Rigorous Measurement of Statistical Evidence in Human Genetics. Hum Hered. 2011;72(4):276-88. Epub 2011 Dec 23. PMID:22189470 2 Valentine-Cooper, J., et al. " Kelviz: A Graphing Tool For Statistical Evidence In Human Genetics." Poster presented at: Road to Collaboration. NCH and OSU Human Genetics Community Symposium; 2014 May 20; Columbus, OH

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Copyright Notice and Licensing

Kelvin - Linkage and linkage disequilibrium analysis program. Copyright (c) 2011, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital. All Rights Reserved.

Kelviz - A custom built graphing application designed to plot output from Kelvin. Copyright (c) 2011, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital. All Rights Reserved.

Use of this software for non-profit educational purposes will be permitted without charge. Kelvin and Kelviz may not be redistributed in any form, without prior written permission. Permission might be granted for you to modify the software for your own personal use, but modified versions must retain this copyright notice and must not be distributed.

This software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Any express or implied warranties are disclaimed. In no event shall the copyright owner or contributors be liable for any direct and indirect damages.

Neither the copyright owner or contributors is obligated to provide maintenance, technical support, interpretation of results, or updates of Kelvin and Kelviz. Reporting of bugs/suggestions to will help to improve the next versions of Kelvin and Kelviz.

By using Kelvin and/or Kelviz, you agree to reference Kelvin and/or Kelviz in every publication that employs them.

If you can not comply with the terms described above, you must destroy all copies of the software and documentation.

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